WAGO I/O System for eXTReme Environments Earns Worldwide Certifications

eXTReme Temperatures, Vibration, Isolation & Size

wago-xtrThe 750 XTR series is an I/O system that offers reliability in extreme temperatures, vibration and shock resistance, and protection against EMC interference. With an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C, vibration resistance of 5g, shock resistance up to 25g, and EMC isolation of up to 5 kV impulse voltages, the 750 XTR series provides the protection needed to withstand extreme climatic and mechanical forces.

XTRAutomation systems used in extreme environments often require additional, often costly protective measures. The 750 XTR series can be used without any additional protection, thereby reducing space requirements on the DIN rail, while reducing energy, maintenance costs and enhancing productivity.

The 750 XTR series comes in a wide range of module offerings, providing users with the flexibility to design automation architectures for specific harsh environment applications. Additionally, WAGO’s 750 XTR high speed PLCs can also be used for standalone applications. XTR couplers can be used for distributed I/O applications with a central controller. The 750 XTR Series includes digital and analog I/O plus specialty modules for communication and power filtering/distribution.

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