Curtiss Wright Exlar’s unique roller screw technology delivers higher force in a smaller package than comparable ball screw technology, as well as more flexibility, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance than traditional hydraulic solutions. Exlar offers a broad range of products to fit almost any need, from simple servo motor to fully integrated actuator/motor/control, chances are exlar will have the optimal solution. As an industry leader in electric actuation, they have a wealth of experience applying the right product or system to solve your most difficult manufacturing challenges. Exlar Electric Actuators benefits in terms of ease of installation, higher performance and flexibility, lower maintenance, and increased energy efficiency, electric actuation is increasingly the technology of choice over the more traditional fluid power solutions, both hydraulic (oil) and pneumatic (air). In addition to the benefits provided by switching from fluid power to electric, Exlar Roller Screw Actuators from Curtiss-Wright deliver very high force in a very small package.