ABB Cobot Arc Welding Package

ABB Cobot Arc Welding Package

Published by Carolina Motion Controls, Inc. on 11th Sep 2023

ABB Cobot Arc Welding Package

Complex Welding Made Easy

ABB makes arc welding easy with its line of collaborative robots or "cobots". ABBs intuitive lead through programming makes it easy for first timers to use robots. Lead through programming, also known as hand guidance programming, allows the user to move the robot through the desired motion path in order to record the path in the controllers memory. These cobots are made to be easy to integrate and to be safe for human-machine interaction.

What Makes Cobots Effective for Arc Welding?

  • They are easy to use
  • They are lightweight and movable
  • Perfect for simple parts
  • They upskill manual workers
  • Automation for the dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks
  • Yield better quality and reduced scrap compared to manual welding
  • Reduced (re)deployment time

Arc Welding Package Includes

  • Easy Teach Device
  • Software add-in
  • Welding jacket
  • Connecting cable, screws, ISO 50 flange

Watch the Videos Below for a Demonstration!


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