ABB GoFa Collaborative Robot

ABB GoFa Collaborative Robot

Published by Carolina Motion Controls, Inc. on 11th Mar 2024

ABB GoFa CRB 15000

Ever since the GoFa was launched, it has been the pinnacle of collaborative robot technology. It's reputation as the industry leader in safety, speed, and ease of use has held up as well. The revolutionary safety features of the GoFa mean that you don't need any external safety equipment such as barriers or fencing. This allows you to save floor space and easily adapt to changing manufacturing needs.

Propel Your Operations to New Heights

The GoFa has a wide variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to: Machine tending, palletizing, welding, polishing, screwdriving, assembly, and testing. The GoFa family ranges from .95m to 1.52m or reach and 5kg to 12kg in maximum payload. They all come with an IP67 rating which means that it has complete protections against dust over time and is water resistant. It comes with an OmniCore controller and a FlexPendant HMI. The FlexPendant makes it easy to program the robot thanks to ABB's Wizard Easy Programming. This graphical common block software eliminates the need for complex coding and programming.

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