ABB Smart Sensor

ABB Smart Sensor

Published by Carolina Motion Controls, Inc. on 11th Sep 2023

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor

Enabling Advanced Analytics and Maintenance Planning for Motors and General Machinery

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor, a key element of the Digital Powertrain, converts traditional motors and general machinery, such as pumps, into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It measures key parameters from the surface of the equipment which can be used to gain meaningful information on its condition and performance, enabling users to identify inefficiencies within their system and to reduce risks related to operation and maintenance. Maintenance can be planned according to actual needs rather than based on generic schedules. This extends the lifetime of equipment, cuts maintenance costs and reduces or prevents unplanned downtime.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring for Motors and General Machinery

There are many benefits in monitoring the condition of motor and general machinery, including reduced risk of failure, decreased repair consts, and improved performance. Below are the main ones:

  • Identify inefficiencies within your system
  • Uncover potential for energy savings
  • Reduce risks related to operation and maintenance
  • Prevent unexpected downtime
  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment lifetime

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